Unbelievably Cool Stocking Stuffers I Actually Want!

I have always wished to receive some pretty and smart items in my stocking on the Christmas morning but the reality was always disappointing. Well never mind I always make sure to make my friends and family happy and leave them surprised with my smart and some beforehand shopping for this incredibly cool stocking stuffers at some really affordable prices. I don’t mind sharing my tips and tricks here with you all after all our purpose is same; to make our loved ones happy. So this bunch of sweet surprises and cute picks will make you more confident. I love to play card games when a large group of people are present as this brings some fun and keeps the day going. Pop culture card games are such a nice ice breaker. It lets you start the conversation without any hesitations.

I would love to receive a pretty and cute Trinket Dish to keep my jewelry and this Llama one is so cool. Well you can find so many beautiful designs of this Trinket dish and yes it is a useful and sweet stuffer idea. I just love the Love Letters Pens I received last year, they are so cute with sweet messages printed on them and those pastle colors are everything. Am sure you BFF would be happy to receive a set like this in her stocking. Pineapples are the fruit of the year, yes we have seen pineapple everywhere and why not they are sweet and tangy and we love this tanginess. This Pineapple Air Plant Magnets are so lovely, these are basically planters which doubles up as a magnet. They look so cute on the fridge or around the kitchen area. I think receiving Initial earrings or pendants are so cool and you can always gift a personalized jewelry to your friends or just keep it for yourselves, they never go out of fashion anytime. Monogram animal Mug are another such personalized gift item that’s always in and I really love how cute they look. Coffee Mugs with photos on them are still in but the Monogram thing is quite popular these days. Cactus plants were so in the pictures this year besides the pineapples, yes of course for their cuteness, so give this Cactus Enamel Pins to your colleagues or even your boss; you will sure get bonus points for this pretty little gift. Winter calls for some serious moisture therapies, so stock up these Body Lotion Bars, this bars are such a hit either you pick up the rosemary, lavender or the grapefruit. This moisture bars can be applied on the go and hey they don’t make your hands oily. I really liked the packaging and the smell of the rosemary bar, you must try this. Am sure you must have at least one member in the family who breaks their eyeglasses once in a week, so get this Eyeglass Repair Kit for that member and trust me they will love you for this thoughtful gift.